travel: "a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles" (T. Cahill)
measurement & equipment inspection: it is all about ensuring fair play
pipelines: a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly transport solution
gastronomy: "la cuisine est la base du véritable bonheur" (A. Escoffier)

Knowledge - Skills - Agility - Dedication - Culture - Teamwork

No matter what you do, it requires...
"Knowledge & skills" to deliver and awareness that you will continuously have to learn / develop to keep up
"Agility" or the adaptibility to an ever changing environment
"Dedication", making sure your heart is in the right place, because not everything is about money
"Cultural awareness" in business and pleasure, seeing diversity as an opportunity and a challenge
"Teamwork" to create synergy, to improve efficiency and productivity and to motivate unity.

Pipeline industry

Jurgen’s first and so far only field of professional activity, chosen as an industry that provides a sufficiently large number of career paths and that everyone needs in one form or another. Apart from offering a wide variety of tasks, his employer also allows for a good work-life balance. The governments’ commitment to strive for a low-carbon climate-friendly economy will provide a number of additional challenges and opportunities to match technology and legislation.

Sports administration

Some call it an overgrown hobby…, others a second job… one thing is for sure, it’s a passion and it is voluntary… combining his interests in technique and in the sport of sailing, Jurgen got involved in the international administration of the sport up to Olympic level. Considering grass roots and national level sailing equally important, Jurgen annually attends a number of local/national activities volunteering like everyone else in the clubs concerned.


The latest addition to his hobbies is gastronomy. The science (knowing what flavours to combine and how to prepare certain dishes) and art (how to present it on the plate) of a good meal paired with a good glass of wine or beer offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy / show hospitality, with the family or in a more formal – sometimes even international - setting. Whether it is looking for traditional cooking methods or techniques from modern cuisine, the discovery has just begun.

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